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Welcome to the future of automation in virtual education processes.

A true professional experience in Elearning

Create a seamless learning experience with Moodle Workplace, enabling your employees to continually learn new skills, keep up with compliance standards, and respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Main Features of Moodle Workplace

Manage centrally, delegate with ease

With Multi-Site, you can serve multiple entities from a single installation. If you are a reseller, multinational company, or franchised organization, you can easily manage the entities separately with great flexibility and at a lower cost.

Automate your workflows

With dynamic rules, avoid tedious tasks and easily create and manage automated rules for multiple groups of users. You can create learning experiences based on location, department, position, roles, and other criteria for your users.

Learning and Compliance Programs

The programs allow you to stay current with compliance, as well as design learning paths for your teams so they can develop the right competencies. You can also validate learning and compliance by issuing certificates.

Customize and manage reports

With Report Builder, you can easily create and customize your own reports and track student progress and performance with little effort. This will give you a better understanding of your learning behaviors and allow you to enhance your learning experience as needed.

Moodle Vs Moodle Workplace Comparison Tables


Advanced custom report generator
Student dropout report and notification
Last student login
Course reports
Administrator reports
Column aggregation report

Organizational Learning

Organizational structure
Import and export competency structures

Learning plans

Automated workflow

Dynamic rules based on conditions and actions (ITTT)

Enrollment management

Manual enrollment
Automated enrollment
Self-enrollment courses
Cohort and group-based enrollment
Competency-based enrollment

Fee - based enrollment

User experience

Turnkey solution
Fully customizable solution
Branding theme customization
Custom main menus
Built-in video conferencing (available on MoodleCloud)
Branding by tenant

Social Learning

Peer-to-peer Messaging
Tutor-learner Messaging and
Group Assignments

Group Conversations 

Emojis (Messaging) 


Evaluation, assessment
and acheviements

Opinion Polls
Feedback Questions

Quizzes and Built-in Assessment Tools

Advanced Quizzes

Secure Quizzes with Safe Exam Browser

Certificates (Program Completion)

Badges, Rewards or Recognition

Competency Completion Based Badge

Group Membership Based Badge

Gradebook and Grading

Anonymous Graders

Advanced Multisite


Share Space

Share Courses between sites
Share programs between sites
Share certificates between sites

Share organizational structure between sites

Share dynamic rules between sites
Share reports between sites
Share pre-built certificates between sites

Multi tenant Authentication

Updates between sites

Personalized learning

Program management
Certifications and compliance monitoring
Recertification management
User panel
Learning progress
Cohort Custom Tasks and Notifications

Alerts and notifications


Export / Import API
Automatic conflict resolution
Full site migration
Exporters for all Moodle Workplace features
Importers for all Moodle Workplace features

Migrations via Command Line Interface (CLI)

Ready for third party export and import

Course Management

Authoring Tool

Multiple Course Formats

Activity Completion Management
Course Completion Management
Bulk Update Activity Completion Settings

Easy Course Duplication

Mobile App

Branded App

Offline Learning

Pushed Mobile Notifications
Mobile use Analytics
Manager Dashboard

Brand Customisation per Tenant


Proprietary Content   (Integrate with any
Content Source)
MoodleNet Integration

Moodle Workplace FAQ

Moodle Workplace is not distributed in the same way as Moodle core. Moodle Workplace is only available through Moodle Partners, so we can guarantee a high-quality experience with Moodle Workplace.
Moodle Workplace is priced based on the level of hosting and other services you require. For more details, contact us through the following contact us button.
A standard Moodle site can be upgraded to Moodle Workplace. You can also use the standard import and export functionality to move courses and content from your existing Moodle site to Moodle Workplace.

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