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# 1 In teaching and learning in the palm of your hand and best of all, it works offline too.

Good Data with Moodle App

We strive to deliver a seamless teaching and learning experience on all devices, whether you are in a remote area with poor internet access or stuck on a train during your travels.

Our Moodle application gives you access to education and training activities on the go, when and where you need it, even offline. From accessing learning materials to submitting quizzes or receiving push notifications, among others, it is all at your fingertips.

Features of the Moodle App

Enjoy the flexibility of offline learning

When you’re offline, you can still access your content through the app and continue learning. That’s useful during commuting or when you live or work in remote areas where the network can be unstable.

Engage users with push notifications

Keep students interested and motivated by sending personalized messages at the right time, so they don’t miss a thing and continue to progress in their learning. Save time and eliminate complexity by automating your notifications.

Faster and easier login

Get better engagement by making your learning app visible on your employees’ mobile phones. It’s simpler and more accessible than browsing through your browser, logging in each time, and then accessing your training courses.

Mobile friendly content and activities

You will be able to provide a wide range of teaching and learning materials to engage your audience through the mobile app. From videos, written content, forums and chats to submitting quizzes and assignments, it’s all at your fingertips.

Capitalize your brand

Personalize the app with your own brand identity to create a consistent and reliable learning experience. Downloading the application with your name and logo on Google Play and the App Store will give students peace of mind.

Access student engagement analysis

Track mobile engagement analytics to better understand behaviors and enhance your mobile-friendly learning experience. Learn about how your students use your app with personalized access to mobile engagement data.

Extend the organization brand and enhance the experience for your students.

Now you can interact with your students in a memorable way by getting your Moodle application with your own brand. This ensures that students can easily identify their school’s Moodle app when searching for it in the app store or on Google Play.

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